#ShareAwesome LifeLock

The PTA and LifeLock want you to share the positive moments in your day. National PTA has partnered with LifeLock to share awesome ways families can create an open, evolving conversation about positive, safe decisions when using digital media. It is all part of having a happy, healthy lifestyle.

In the social media world we live in it is not always easy to get a positive message across, with all the negative things that we read. It is time that we use social media to share positive messages and share positive photos about what is going on in our lives. As we encourage kids to not only share selfies of themselves, but pictures of them with their families, serving others and hanging out with friends. It is also encourage.

One of the hardest things to do with children is limiting what they view online and their access to the Internet. Setting up times for them to view certain things is a good option. Also setting up passwords and codes to they have to earn the time the spend on the Internet is a good working tool.

Snap a photo of an awesome moment in your day and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #ShareAwesome hashtag!

Students who enter the #ShareAwesome sweepstakes between September 15-November 30, 2014 will have a chance to win fantastic prizes, including tablets and a $2,500 scholarship.

As a special promotion to my blog readers LifeLock will be giving away a you 3 & 6-month subscriptions.

Simply leave a comment and follow me on twitter, instagram, pinterest, or facebook. This contest will run until the end of October, please make sure to include your email so that you will be notified if you win.



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Walmart 2014 Holiday Food Preview-#WalmartHoliday

I recently attended an event in New York to preview the Holiday Foods that Walmart has in store for everyone.

With the change of the seasons, you can feel the holidays coming. Walmart has spent the last year identifying and securing the food and drinks that they think you will enjoy this holiday season. From wines and charcuterie to specialty cheeses and festive new cookies. These products will be in stores in November and December.

Toast to the Host
During the holidays, customers look for edible and drinkable gifts. Walmart is offering an expanded assortment of giftable treats from specialty cheeses to liquor-inspired gift sets. Customers will be able to find a variety of affordable gourmet cheeses and charcuterie that look and taste like they came from a specialty store.

Santa’s Last Minute Helpers
During the holidays, we see an increase in the need for quick and easy party solutions. With more than 15 new selections this season, Sam’s Choice appetizers taste like the party host spent hours in the kitchen. The sweet and salty trend will be hot this season with items such as Wright’s Bourbon Bacon. Frozen staple items are getting a gourmet upgrade. Sliders now have a pretzel bun and mozzarella sticks contain asiago cheese.

Holiday Meals
Turkey is the most popular meat during the holidays. To offer a new twist on an old favorite Walmart has done a Cajun-style turkey breast. The second most popular meat is you guest it, Ham, and they have a new Premium Sam’s Choice Spiral Ham.

Holiday Baking Traditions
Cookies are the new cupcakes this season. They have added two new cookie flavors maple bacon and salted caramel. Pumpkin is back and better than ever with the Duncan Hines Decadent Cupcakes in Pumpkin Spice, as well as Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins and Pumpkin Cream Pie. Gingerbread houses are no longer just houses; they now include villages and trains.

Cookies, Ice Cream and Pies Oh My
You may think of ice cream as a summer dessert, but everyone loves artisan ice cream year round. They are now exclusive flavors at Walmart which include Sea Salt Caramel. Macrons are also expected to be a popular dessert option this season.

For the Sweet Tooth
The classic Hershey Kisses will continue to be around, but peppermint is having a moment with Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses and Lindt White Chocolate peppermint Truffles. Fruit candy will also be popular this year with Brach’s Jelly Candy Canes and Holiday Skittles.

I have a couple of Holiday Recipes to share with you from Walmart

Peppermint Oreo Cookie Ball
6 candy canes, finely chopped(about 1/3) divided
1 pkg (8 oz) brick cream cheese, softened
36 Oreo cookies, finely crushed
4 pkgs (4 oz each) semi sweet baking chocolate, melted
Reserve: 1 tbsp. chopped candy
Mix: remaining candy with cream cheese and cookie crumbs until well blended
Shape: into 48 (1 inch) balls. Freeze 10 minutes.
Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan.
Sprinkle: with reserved candy
Refrigerate: 1 hour or more until firm

Reindeer Cookie Ball Pops
1 pkg (8 oz) Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
40 gingersnaps, finely crushed (about 2 1/4 cups)
4 pkg (4 oz each) Baker’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate, broken into pieces, melted
1 1/4 cups candy coasted pieces (M&M’s)
1 cup small pretzel twist, broken into pieces
Mix: cream cheese and gingersnaps crumbs until well blended
Shape: into 30 (1 inch) balls; place in single layer in shallow pan.
Freeze 10 minutes. Dip balls in chocolate; place in single layer in waxed paper-lined pan. Insert lollipop stick into each ball. Decorate with candies and pretzels to form reindeer.

Whatever you do this holiday season, let Walmart help you out.


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The Moms & Stouffers Mac N Cheese #StoffersMoms

I recently was lucky enough to be invited to attend an event for Stouffers Mac & Cheese by the Moms Denise and Melissa. It was time to introduce a new product their cup size Mac & Cheese.

Stouffers is a brand that I have used for many years it is my go to meal when I need to make something fast and good. Stouffers for years had made meals that are for individuals or family size. These new Stouffers Mac Cups are the ideal way to snack anytime and it comes in three varieties so you can find one that you and your family will love.

This event was held at Market Meaning on the Upper West Side and parked right outside was the Stouffers Mac Truck handling out samples of their delicious product along with bacon and corned beef toppings. I just could not get enough of it. Simply delicious.

We were then treated to a wonderful demonstration by Chef Lucien Vendome shows us how to make healthy additions to Stouffers Mac n Cheese. With a few simple ingredients you can create a wonderful meal for your entire family. I never would have thought to add the ingredients that he did. It was truly eye opening to see the new ways that you can make a meal more.

Then Chef Donatella Arpai, of Food Network, showed us her own twist on Mac n Cheese. It was such an honor to see her in person showing us how to change Mac n Cheese into something more. I can’t wait to try all these great ideas.

Thanks to The MOms and Stouffers for hosting a wonderful event.








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Rituals Cosmetics & Birchbox

I was recently invited to an event at Rituals Cosmetics by Birchbox and what a great opportunity. Rituals recently expanded to the United States from Europe. They are here to introduce us to a luxurious line of scented bath and body products. The scrub and shower oil leave your legs silky soft and the shower gel moisturizes while you bath. The gel turns into a foam when it hits water and can double as a shaving cream. Then you can use the body cream which nourishes your skin without leaving you greasy.

Rituals Cosmetics is the first brand in the world to combine home and body cosmetics. With its product line from luxury body and facial creams through to precious mineral make up, scented candles, pure tea and Soulwear. Rituals Cosmetics inspires people to transform their daily routines into beautiful, meaningful moments. The product range has been expanding over time, the number of stores around the world has been growing each year as well. In addition to its own retail shops, its brand is also available through shop-in-shops in leading department stores, airlines, and hotels.

Rituals philosophy is to “transform everyday routines into more meaningful moments”, lies at the heart of the Rituals Cosmetics philosophy and forms the basis for each of its products. Simply by taking time out of our busy lives to enjoy a warm bath with candles and oils, a cup of refreshing tea, or by pampering ourselves with a mini treatment at home, we can help create a meaningful, memorable experience during the rare moments of “me time”.

Each product tells a story inspired by an ancient Eastern traditions and is characterised by alluring fragrances from the finest perfumes in the world.

Laughing Buddha Collection – In ancient China, 1100 years ago, the Laughing Buddha was a famous
monk who, with his legendary smile, brought happiness wherever he went. For centuries, rubbing his
belly has symbolised good luck and prosperity. This tradition is the inspiration for a collection of
uplifting products that celebrates this positivity. Infused with Organic Mandarin and the revitalising
power of Yuzu, our Laughing Buddha collection brings a touch of happiness to your everyday life.

Ancient Samurai – For centuries, the ancient Japanese Samurai warriors paid great attention to their
personal appearance. Their careful grooming traditions were aimed at creating an appearance that
builds power, control and confidence to support their battles and challenges. Inspired by these
warriors, we created the Ancient Samurai collection for men that will help you face the challenges of
everyday life by being groomed to perfection. This collection is formulated with botanicals such as
Tiger Grass, Ginseng and Organic Bamboo to protect and nourish your skin and Japanese Mint to
refresh and revitalize both body and mind

Sakura Collection – For centuries, the Japanese have celebrated the annual flowering of the Cherry
Blossom, or Sakura. This marks an awakening of nature and symbolise that beauty is momentary and
life must be enjoyed. Inspired by this tradition, our Sakura collection blends the sweetness of Cherry
Blossom with nourishing Organic Rice Milk. To make each day feel like a new beginning.

Sakura Collection – For centuries, the Japanese have celebrated the annual flowering of the Cherry
Blossom, or Sakura. This marks an awakening of nature and symbolise that beauty is momentary and
life must be enjoyed. Inspired by this tradition, our Sakura collection blends the sweetness of Cherry
Blossom with nourishing Organic Rice Milk. To make each day feel like a new beginning.

Ayurveda Collection – Ayurveda finds its origin more than 5000 years ago in India. The ancient
philosophy is based on restoring inner harmony through the old practice of cleansing and nurturing
your body and soul. Inspired by this centuries old philosophy our Ayurveda collection blends calming
Indian Rose and nurturing Himalayan Honey to help you find inner harmony.

The lovely ladies at Rituals Cosmetics are helping me to give one of my readers an amazing set; which includes Scrub, Shower Foam and Body Cream

Simply leave a comment and follow me on twitter, instagram, pinterest, or facebook. This contest will run until the end of September, please make sure to include your email so that you will be notified if you win.


Also we are planning a giveaway close to the holidays so keep an eye out more from this brand.


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Well with the Fall right around the corner that means winter can’t be too far behind. That means that it is time for socks, now socks can sometimes be uncomfortable so I am always looking for socks that fit comfortable in my shoes and boots.

Let me introduce you to the world of Kushyfoot. Kushyfoot is the first hosiery brand to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology in trouser and knee highs, foot covers, athletic socks, tights and men’s socks to massage with every step. The massage action works by providing extra comfort through its three dimensional padded and wavy design and it provides a cushion between bare feet and the hard soles of a shoe. The Kushyfoot sole helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet, thereby helping to relieve stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. These therapeutic socks protect your feet and leave you feeling refreshed all day.

I like to wear sock during the Fall, however, I keep searching for the right pair; I can never seem to find it. These totally changed my mind, I loved them. They were light and easy to wear. The socks have a textured bottom that gives your feet a massage as you walk on them.

The fleece trousers are $5.99 and the 2 pack trousers are 2 pr in the back for $7.99. Plus you can find them at your local Duane Reade.

These offer sheer arch support, breathable mesh sole, graduated compressed sole, comfort to. I love this comfort since I do alot of walking and need the extra support.

If you are looking for some new socks Kushyfoot is just what you need, well-made socks that are so comfortable that you forget that you have them on.

Disclaimer: I was sent a variety of socks to try to review for Lipton Publicity; however all opinions expressed here are my own


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Dolphin Tale 2 with The Moms & Norwegian Cruise Line – #Norwegianmoms #Dolphintale2


I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review a special screening of Dolphin Tale 2 thanks to the Moms. In conjunction with Norwegian Cruise lines the Moms told us about their recent experiences while on a cruise. Sharing the fact that they are all family friendly and have activities for everyone to enjoy.

Dolphin Tale 2 is the second installment of this saga that follows the dolphin Winter’s story. It follows Winter’s story through her rescue and rehab. Winter has settled into her new life, but it is not without trials and challenges. The gist of the story is how does Winter deal with the loss of her dolphin friend.

The movie touches on some interesting issues such as death, and pain of losing your friend. You may have to answer some questions about these topics with your kids. The movie shows us how we can overcome some of the challenges that we face and how we can come out better for them.

This movie is one that will tug on your heart strings and making you cheer in the end.

It is now showing in movie theaters across the nation.

Finally, the Moms held a giveaway and a lucky winner got a family cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines! They will be more giveaways in the future, I hope to be lucky.



Disclaimer: I was invited to view this event; no compensation was received. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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Old Spice #Combos4Success Promotion

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Old Spice. All opinions are 100% mine.

Old Spice is a product that has always been in my life, I remember my dad using it and that smell lingering long after he had finished using it. It would only be right that my sweetie would be a user. He is always on the go, working outside and doing repairs on one thing or another. As part of his job he has to get out there and get his hands dirty and that means he is getting all sweaty and has to have major help when getting cleaned up. The product that he and I rely on is the best smelling Old Spice.



Old Spice, the manliest men’s grooming brand on the planet, is back to inform guys that when they use Old Spice anti-perspirant and deodrant, body wash + 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner together thee reulst is manly, amazing, irresistible freshness from head to toes.

Every year Old Spice is a big thing to get a round the holidays as stocking stuffers. It is great for all the men in your family. The best ones are the combos where you can enjoy all the fresh smelling benefits.


Do you want the perfect combo to experience manly head to toes freshness? Download coupons from Old Spice here: http://bit.ly/1pxeUXy! You can combine these Old Spice Coupon with additional store sales for added discounts (Coupons expire on September 30, 2014). Remember these are great gifts for the holidays and one the everyone will enjoy.

It time to get Social with Old Spice
Old Spice on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OldSpice
Old Spice on Twitter @OldPice
Campaign Hashtag #Combos4Success
Old Spice URL: http://www.oldspice.com
Old Spice Coupon: http://bit.ly/1pxeUXy (Coupons expire on Sept. 30, 2014)

Check out these combinations and see what is your favorite.


Old Spice Swagger APDO

Old Spice Swagger Body Wash

Old Spice Swagger DEO

Old Spice Swagger Shampoo

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Tracy Reese Exclusive Washable Runway Fashions for Tide Now

Tide has had a year long partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and fashion designer Tracy Reese. Reese’s first runway collection included a complete line of machine washable looks that begins arriving at retailers and TracyReese.com this month. The launch of the collection in stores offers consumers and exciting way to personally experience the results of Washable Fashion Initiative. Each of the eight items in the collection is mace with machine washable fabrics and yarns making designer fashion easier to consumers to care for their favorite looks at home.

Tide is on a mission to change the way designers think about the fabrics incorporated in their collection and offer consumers a way to more easily care for their designer garments at home Last year, the brand joined forces with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to establish the Washable Fashion Initiative with the goals of educating designers on the benefits of washable fabrics, and promoting the future state of washable fashion within the industry.

Reese serves as the inaugural designer ambassador of the program. Inspired by the cleaning power of Tide Pods, Reese took a closer look at her own design process and the fabrics she was using to identify this new opportunity to incorporate fabrics into her garments that are washing machine friendly such as cotton, acrylic, wool, polyamide, polyurethane, elastane, polyester, rayon, and spandex.

This line features a variety of fashion-forward designer separates from cozy cable-knit sweaters to stylish jacquard skirts and dresses to metallic cargo pants. Each item can be cared for in laundry rooms across the country by using Tide Pods to ensure they remain beautiful wash after wash

As a trusted brand in caring for everyday clothes, Tide believes in caring for all your favorite garments, even designer clothes, at home. Tide Pods is specially formulated to clean and brighten clothes with just the right amount of detergent for each load of laundry. Consumers can preserve the quality and integrity of garments.

As you know I am all about savings time, money and energy and this idea fits perfectly with my philosophy. You can have the fashion forward clothes and be able to take care of them him the product that we all love in Tide. We will save so much on dry cleaning and it will save us time in allowing us to care for our garments at home. It is a win/win situation for all of us, and it comes form Tide a brand hat we have trusted for years.



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Speck Shell and Covers

As we are busy individuals we all have either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all of them. We are constantly trying to stay connected and doing what needs to be done. As great as these gadgets are, they are still very fragile and how many times have we dropped our phone and cracked the screen. We also have our kids who use these gadgets and it is more than likely at some point they are going to drop it. Thankfully, we have Speck products, these include a large selection of covers and shells for your current devices.

I took a close look at two specific products to review for you.

The Speck iPhone CandyShell
When I first put the CandyShell on my iPhone I loved the way it looked on my phone. Of course, as soon as I put it on you can guess I dropped the phone. I was aghast I was like okay now I have gone and done it. When I turned it over, I was pleased to see that the phone was undamaged. The CandyShell also includes a silicone inner part so the phone was nicely cushioned.

If you put the case on don’t take it off often as it would make it week. It is nice and pretty it fits snug to the phone. The case is not bulky so it is not an extra weight for you to carry around.

Speck iPad mini HandyShell
The HandyShell is part of the new line from Speck. The cover snaps onto the back of the iPad and has a moveable handle. The handle can be used k the tablet on cabinet knobs for easy reference to make it more comfortable to hold, or to prop it up at different angles and orientations.

The Speck products that we got were good quality and looked nice. Each item comes in a vairiety of colors so it is nice to be able to choose what you like. Price $35 to $50 so they are about average for similar cases.

Check it out at https://speckproducts.com

Now it is the time for you to get to try this great product. Simply leave a comment and follow me on twitter, instagram, pinterest, or facebook. This contest will run until the end of September, please make sure to include your email so that you will be notified if you win.


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Girlz N Dollz

After working over fifteen years in the US plush manufacturing business, Jessie Saint-Hubert launched her own business Girlz N Dollz with her daughter. Each doll emulates the best characteristics of their friends and family; they are soft and cuddly, diverse and loveable. They are also outfits and accessories for each doll. These soft and cuddly rag Dollz are based on real life characters that all Girlz can identify with.

This year the company launched its Lil Totz and Just2Grilz line. These dolls have sweet bios that allow girls to discover who they are and unleash the potential of who they can become. These unique and adorable collections allow for each girl’s own imagination and compassion to open up their world and teach them to accept one another as they are.

Each doll also has a doll house just for the. The girlz mantra is “I Am Me” and that slogan is strongly personified in the dollz

Check it out at www.gilzandollz.com“>


GirlzNDollz ALL

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