Why I love Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a professional tennis player and can be called the greatest player of all time, although I am not at all biased about that. For those of you who don’t know me I have been following Federer for his entire career and I am quite the fan.

As Federer enters the second week of Wimbledon in pursuit of his eight title year and overall 18th grand slam, it made me want to take a retrospective look at how he has impacted my life. At age 33, he is older, but still ranked number two in the world and playing very good tennis. If you want to read about all his accomplishment you can find it online and it would take pages for me to go through it.

I will talk about my relationship with him. In my family growing up sports was a big thing. I learned about all sports from my dad, and he made sure that I knew every aspect of the game, one of those being tennis. He had his favorite players and I had mine. When I would yell at a player he would challenge me that if it looked so easy I should go out and play, so I joined my high school tennis team. The only problem with me is that when I like a player in any sport, I get attached, that means when they play I am a wreck. Tennis was no exception, growing up I loved Ivan Lendl, not a favorite of many but mine. When he played my parents would have to get me up hours before his match to eat, when he lost I would cry and cry. Once Sports Illustrated put him on the cover and stated this was the champion that nobody cared about, well this was before social media, but they got a letter from a very angry teen asking them how they could speak for everyone. I cancelled my subscription, and got a letter back from them, saying that the generalization was just based on a random assessment.

After he retired, I still watched tennis but did not get attached to any player, which made my parents very happy, since I was much calmer and just enjoying the sport. Then in 1999, a young Swiss player entered the stage, Roger Federer, and my life would change. He was young and had all the shots, he had long hair that he tied back with a headband, and was a little rebellious, that would change now he is so calm it makes everyone upset. You can not tell if he is winning or losing by his facial expressions unless you really know him. Federer had a lot of pressure put on him early, and early on that pressure got to him, it was not until 2003, when he won his first grand slam at Wimbledon his favorite one that he had made his mark. I was hooked and my parents had that worried look on their faces.
I was so excited, I was going to the US Open in August my dad always took me to the semi finals and I just knew Roger would be playing. I watched the tournament like a hawk, now we had cable so that meant you never missed a match. Then he got to the quarter finals and would have to play the Argentina born David Nalbandian. No problem in my mind, he was beating him since they were juniors. Besides being a fan, I devour statistics about sports and my favorite players, I know all the matches and all the match ups. Well my dad watched with me, and in a stunning result Roger lost. I was inconsolable, I would not get to see him play. My dad turned to me and said Denise you know how you get attached, I would not get attached to him because I don’t think he is going to be all that good. I always listened to my dad, and never disobeyed, but this time, I just could not follow through. My dad would pass away that December, and he would never see him turn in to the great player that he is today.

After my dad’s death, life was never normal, I missed him so much and sports was not the same without him. My mom took up the job of watching Roger’s matches with me and trying to keep me calm, for a few hours I could get lost in his matches and feel normal like I was the girl who couldn’t go on without her dad. That year he won his first Australian Open, won his second Wimbledon and his first US Open. The first time it had been done since 1988 and the dominance began. He would bolt to number one and win tons of matches and tournaments, making players shake their heads because they just could not beat the Swiss Maestro. This dominance did not stop me from worrying when he lost and dissecting all of his matches, my mom would tell me not to worry as he was doing fine, he has to lose sometime, she would remind me that everyone has a bad day of work and unfortunately, his bad day meant he was out of a tournament. I said okay, but still was not happy with it all. My mom continued to make sure I ate before his matches and slept enough when I was on what we called “Roger Schedule” being up early for his matches around the country.

Eighteen months after my dad passed away my mom passed away suddenly also, and I was thrown into a deep depression. The only time I felt normal was watching Roger’s matches, yelling at him was normal and no one knew that I was a person in mourning. I continued the tradition of going to the US Open, only now my younger sister would go with me, she really had no interest in tennis, she liked hanging out at the open and having fun with all the activities, but then something in her changed and she started to become more interested in Roger.

It got to the point where she actually thought she loved Roger more than me, I was outraged, how is that possible. I have been watching him since 19 and you now come on board and think you love him more, no way. However, my sister was more of an extrovert than me, when I went to matches with my dad it was go to the matches and go home, with Asha it was like lets go and get autographs. Then the most amazing thing happened, we were watching Roger’s match at Arthur Ashe stadium Labor Day weekend and we were seated in the front. As Roger came by signing autographs, my sister asked him if he would take a picture, I never would have even opened my mouth, then he said sure, I was shocked. Then he said who was going to take the picture, guess what we did not have our camera with us, so she turned to the guy behind us and asked if he would take it, and he said sure. Then Roger said who was going to be in the picture, and for a split second, she almost left me out, but I got in the picture. Turns out the guy taking the picture was an out of town tourist and we would have to wait for him to send the picture, thankfully he did.

This would be the beginning of our sisterly bond with Federer, we went to London and saw him play, we went to the garden to see him play and of course saw him at the Open, we watched all of his matches together, and yelled and screamed. It was a joy to share my love tennis with her and love of Roger. When he finally won his first French Open, to complete his grand slam we celebrated.

When he got married and had his first set of twins, we were there watching and waiting for all the details. He was our celebrity crush. My younger sister then passed away from a freak accident and I was again alone. The only thing of normalcy was Roger. When he lost, I felt it was m fault that I was a jinx, I lost everyone in my life and my bad luck was passed on to him. It was not an easy time for me, but I tried it was not the same.

I continued to attend the US Open and even got a job there, so I could see all the matches and watch Roger play. I was lucky to attend an event and meet Roger I brought the picture with me to have him autograph and I asked him if he remembered it, and he said yeah, he has a great memory, for everything, he said he remembered that we did not have a camera, I said yes and that it was a Labor Day match. Right again, he asked about the my sister and I told him she passed away but she is watching him from heaven, he was sorry to hear.

As I entered this year, and knew that Roger’s career was moving toward the end I made a promise to enjoy the time I have left with him and not cry so much when he loses, but enjoy the way he moves on the court and the way he treats players and does so much good in the world. He is the athlete that I would want all kids to be like. I was lucky enough to get to visit Switzerland and was shocked that they were not posters of him there.

I know he will retire one day and it will break my heart, as I write this I am tearing up, I will enjoy him, but I realize that he is more of tennis player to me, is my link to my family and when he is finished that is the end of the link.

I hope he plays for more years, but I don’t want him to hang around when he can’t play to the best of his abilities. I don’t want to see that. I love him to much for that to be the way for him to go out. He has taught me a lot about perseverance and to never give up. When he dropped down in the rankings he fought his way back up, when he did not want to change rackets he did, he switched coaches to continue to improve. He showed me that you can continue to improve if you try.

Roger will always be very special to me, and after he retires, I don’t think I will get attached to another player but you never know. :)




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Daddy Chaddy

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Go Mama Go Design for the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

daddy caddy

Some dads just don’t do diaper bags so Go Mama Go Designs came up with the Daddy Caddy, a carrier with a water-resistant lining and storage space for diapers, wipes and a few other necessities without the big bag. There are multiple ways to wear Daddy Caddy and a variety of styles to choose from to fit each dad to be.

The Daddy Caddy is perfect for storing the essentials when leaving home with young children. A matching wipes-holder can be used to seal in just enough wipes for the trip while a few diapers are stashed inside the Daddy Caddy pocket. Personal items like a wallet and keys or a pacifier can be stashed in the zippered pocket. The Daddy Caddy can be attached to a belt loop with the built-in carabineer adding an extra pocket to any pants or shorts dedicated to baby gear. The Daddy Caddy can also be attached to a baby carrier, backpack and worn many other ways. It even features a water-resistant lining in case it needs to be used to transport a dirty diaper until a trashcan is reached in an emergency situation.

“In the majority of families today, dads are just as involved in caring for children as moms,” said Go Mama Go Design founder Georgia Fiebrich. “We created the Daddy Caddy to fit the lifestyle most men are used to. They don’t carry a hairbrush, nail file, headache medicine, a sewing kit and everything else women like to have stashed in their purses just in case. It is not how they think before having kids and for many it’s not how they think once little ones enter the picture. They want to pack the essentials and go, and that is what the Daddy Caddy enables them do. This way they can hold their child, not all just all their stuff!”

The Daddy Caddy is available in gray, navy blue, desert camo and black leather. It has an MSRP of $19.99 – $29.99. For more information and ordering, visit: www.gomamagodesigns.com.

About Go Mama Go Designs
Go Mama Go Designs officially launched in 2006 with the award-winning Snug & Tug Blanket that swaddles an infant for a safe and secure sleep. After having a bad experience with traditional crib bumpers, Go Mama Go Designs founder, Georgia Fiebrich, did further research and found regular crib bumpers could be dangerous and unpopular among most moms. This research led to the creation of Go Mama Go Designs’ flagship product, the Wonder Bumpers. Go Mama Go Designs company culture is rooted in an unlimited amount of respect for parents and strives to create products that simplify their life so they can continue to focus on their children and their own dreams.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Go Mama Go Design for the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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Lucy Darling Memory Books

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Lucy Darling for the products in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

I am big fan of designer Lucy Darling. Lucy Darling makes memory books, baby and bump milestone cards and stickers, and more–all with a beautiful and unique aesthetic. “There are so many baby books, monthly stickers, and other gift items on the market. I very excited to meet Haily herself at the New York Baby Show. She was there to introduce her new charming baby memory books which come in two designs: Little Artist and Little Animal. These will perfect shower gifts and gifts of new parents.

Check them out at:




Disclaimer: Many thanks to Lucy Darling for the products in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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Clothing your Children with love with Primary Clothing

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Primary for the products in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

At the recent New York Baby Show I got the opportunity to be introduced to a new clothing line from Primary. I was totally intrigued and excited for the possibility of finding exactly what is missing in the field of kids clothing. Primary provides high-quality kids basics in various colors that work well with each other. The online shopping experience is great and simple and the clothes you are looking for are always in stock. The best part is that everything is under $25.

The founders of Primary Galyn Bernard and Christina Carbonell talk about how they came up with this idea and it is just fascinating.



After over 12 years of shopping for clothes for their own kids they felt they didn’t have a go to place for stuff for everyday. Everything on the market seemed more expensive and harder to shop for than it should be. Kids clothing should not be expensive. Who wants to pay $40 for something your kid will outgrow in a matter of months. With Primary we are excited to offer quality clothing for babies and kids in fabrics like pima cotton, all priced under $25. We can do this because we sell online only, and because we are focused on evergreen styles that people want for the next years. The prices represent 25-50% discount to competitors offering the same level of quality.

The best part and this is what my readers love is that it is great quality clothes and no brainer prices and an experience that is solely on making life easier for busy parents.

Check out the website and see for yourself.





Disclaimer: Many thanks to Primary for the products in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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HP MyPrintly Mom Meet-Up


Disclaimer: I was invited to this event by HP MyPrintly and BSM Media

When I got the invitation to attend this event I was so excited. I love to do crafting and I love my HP printer in helping to make unique invitations and banners for my special parties.

Once we got inside we were greeted with a host of crafts to engage in. The first one that I took on was the create your own picture frame. It was tons of fun we got use decorative craft tape, stickers and anything that would bring out our inner crafter.

IMAG0870 (1)

MyPrintly is a place that offers you inspiration through DIY projets, ideas and tools. You can find the perfect project for you if you want to spend 5 minutes or 5 hours on it. There is so much stuff there that you will not believe all the things that you can do right from home.

I am excited to share so new HP Happenings, you have the new HP Social Media Snapshot app and compatible paper. It delivers an easy way to print your pictures from your social media account or your camera on your iOS device onto removable paper using Air Print technology.

With the HP Instant Ink replacement service, you enroll and select your monthly plan based on on the amount of pages that you typically print. The plan includes ink, shipping and cartridge recycling charges. The best part is that they are no annual fees and a selected plan can be changed online anytime.

I also got a change to be decorative baker while at the event, they had some beautiful cupcakes and we were allowed to frost and decorate. I have to say mine did not last long as I was more excited to eat it.


There was so much to do and see and I got to spend some time with Maria Bailey and learn so much.
Thanks again for allowing me to attend this great event.


IMAG0875 (2)

IMAG0877 (1)

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Pampers is making the World #BetterForBaby #Giveaway

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Pampers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the past few weeks our family has been growing I just got a brand new baby niece three weeks ago. We all know that having a baby changes the lives of the people in the baby’s life. I know that it has changed mine. I am constantly looking for ways to make sure that the babies lives are different and better. When I was younger I was always looking for ways to make things better for my family. I wanted to work hard to make their lives easier as they got older to repay them for all they had done for my growing up.

To celebrate babies. Pampers is unveiling the “Better for Baby” video it highlights the profound ways babies change the world around them for the better. And they do. having a little baby in the family makes for special occasions and special moments. And it always makes me want to make life better for all the children around me.


The video shows how a new baby can change a lot of lives. Whether it be sending them gifts or just offering to take care of them. I try to do something for parents of little ones that will help make their lives better. The video ends with a pledge “together we cam make life #betterforbaby. Pampers is inviting people to share their pledge using the hashtag #betterforbaby. A small change can make a huge impact.

Phone 2969

Pampers believes that babies bring out the best in all of us. That’s why there’s nothing each of us wouldn’t do to make life #BetterForBaby. My pledge is to help all the children in my life. I want to make sure that the babies grow up loved and happy and I am sure that they will.

Pampers has so much to offer check out their website.


As a brand that has supported the happy, healthy development of babies for more than 50 years, Pampers is committed to doing our small part to make life #BetterForBaby. For example, Pampers donates millions of diapers each year to families in need through Feeding America, partners with UNICEF to help eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus, and supports premature babies and their families with special Pampers preemie diapers and other resources via Graham’s Foundation. With the introduction of this film, Pampers has made additional contributions to each of these organizations. You can find more info here: http://www.pampers.com/about-pampers/better-for-baby

I also have a wonderful giveaway for that baby in your life. The giveaway includes:

Pampers Swaddlers and Wipes
Grace & Lace Spring Floral Scarf (A portion of every sale goes towards building orphanages in India)
Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System (Makes healthy, homemade baby food in minutes.)
Thinkbaby THINKSTER Straw Bottle (All Thinkbaby products are recyclable, convertible to the next stage of drinking, and free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, and PET.)

All you have to do is:

1. Follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/Nico2317

2. Visit my Facebook page and leave a comment https://www.facebook.com/savingswithdenise

3. Follow me on Instagram https://instagram.com/denisenico23/ and leave a comment

4. Follow me on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/nico2317/ and leave a comment

5. Follow me on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DeniseSeegobin and leave a comment

For additional entries
Tweet about the giveaway using the #BetterForBaby hashtag
Tweet how they are being #BetterForBaby

You must leave a separate comment in the comments fields for each entry that you make to be entered. This contest will end on July 12th, 2015 at 9:00pm EST. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Phone 2960

Phone 001


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What are Chewbeads?

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Chewbeads for the products in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

At the New York Baby Show I was introduced to Chewbeads. Chewbeads is a safe, silicone product that helps you baby with teething issues. It easily attaches to your stroller or car seat, so it won’t fall off and get dirty. All the babies that I have known loves to put things in their mouths It is there simple way of learning about the world around them and it also feels good on their gums.

If you are mom that wears jewelry then you know your baby often grab and munch on it? What is there was a stylish way to smooth your baby’s teething needs/pains while making sure what baby puts in his/her mouth is safe to chew on? Chewbeads are for you!

Chewbeads 111412_0028

The Stanton bracelet is a great accessory for moms. It is something that you can wear out and occupy your babies time. You can take it off and give it to your child and they instantly have a play thing/chew toy.

•Made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers and nipples)
•No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals
•Bracelets are soft on babies gums and emerging teeth
•Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe
•Bracelets are a great reminder of which side you’ve just nursed


I also love the Astor necklace. I loved the look of the necklace as it has nice circular balls. When you were the necklace you can see your baby grab at it and stare at the pieces and stare at them for a while. You can see that their little brains are working to try to figure out the shapes They will chew on the beads on the necklace and keep themselves occupy.

Chewbeads Teething Jewelry – Chewbeads Astor Teething Necklace
•100% silicone beads (similar to pacifiers and nipples)
•Soft on babies gums and emerging teeth
•No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, metals
•Easily cleaned with dish soap and water, also dishwasher safe
•Necklaces have a breakaway clasp for added safety
•Necklaces are a great sensory tool to help babies focus while nursing

I am so impressed by these products that I am giving them to my friends as shower gifts, they are going to love them.

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Noodle & Boo Review

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Noodle & Boo for the products in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

A few weeks ago I attended an event hosted by Cedra Pharmacy, and discovered the Noodle & Boo product line. Of course if you are a parent, you have probably tried tons of products on your children trying to help with their dry skin, you might have found some that work and others that don’t. When children have dry skin it is difficult to figure out what works throughout the change of seasons.

I got to try out some of the products, the packaging is so nice that you instantly love it. The thing that was very important to me was that Noodle & Boo products do not contain parabens, sulfates, PPG’s GMO’s dyes, triclosan, or fomaaldehyde donors. It also doesn’t smell like other all natural products.

These products smell so great you will want to have it on your skin all the time. They have a whole line of products, if you have a friend that is pregnant it would be a great baby shower gift for them. Your kids skin will feel so soft, and that dry skin will be history.

I am not the only one who thinks so just go to the website and check out some of the other reviews. You are going to be hooked on this product from the moment you open the package.




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2015 Murry Bergtraum Graduation

On Friday, June 26, 2015, I attended the Thirty-Sixth Annual Commencement Ceremony at Murry Bergtraum High School. I was there to award the 2015 Financial Women’s Association Scholarship Winners. Being there got me thinking about my own time in high school. When it was time for me to decide which high school to go to my parents were set on me going to a Catholic High School. I took the exams to go to a specialized high school and got in, but they wanted me close to home. It was not until my older sister talked to a friend and we found out and thought about Murry Bergtraum HS.

It was a brand new school and the entire name is Murry Bergtraum HS for Business Careers and it is located at 411 Pearl Street, right across from police plaza. I wanted to study business and what a perfect school for me. My parents were not too sure I would have to take the train and go there and to say the were apprehensive is an understatement. In the end, it was decided that I would go. I got to attend a summer program before school started, and my mom went with me everyday. It was the way she made sure I stayed same.

At Bergtraum, I got to thrive educationally and personally, I was allowed to take all the best classes and take business classes. I also got to participate in activities and groups that allowed me to make friends and learn so much. I was then offered to be part of the Financial Women’s Association Mentoring program. At Bergtraum things are were very competitive you had to apply, luckily I got selected. I was assigned a wonderful mentor Jenene Karamon, she allowed me to intern at Merrill Lynch and do so many activities with the program. She is still my mentor to this day. When it came time for college, I wanted to go to NYU, and my mentor encouraged me and everyone at the school did. My parents again wondered about it, but they were very supportive. I applied for numerous scholarships one of them being the Financial Women’s Association. This was a first time scholarship, given based on GPA, activities, mentor recommendation, and all around accomplishments. I was lucky enough to be awarded the first annual scholarship.

Fast forward years later, and I know am the chair of the scholarship committee, and it is my turn to hand out those scholarships to those lucky students. They enter a small group of recipients for this award. I was lucky to receive it and go on to NYU and get a wonderful education. I thank the FWA for everything they did for me, and I am proud to be able to give back now.

At Bergtraum the motto is we are committed to producing the next generation of elite thought leaders through academic rigor, exposure to real life experiences and an awareness of one’s total self.


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Best Buy for Education June 2015

Students using digital tablets in class

Students using digital tablets in class

Children are learning in so many ways now and technology is such a big part of that. Kids are learning on computers and tablets when they are very young. The majority of homes have a computer. When schools don’t have the latest technology kids are left behind.

kids learning using tablet / ipad with teacher

kids learning using tablet / ipad with teacher

The kids in my family tablets and laptops all the time for learning. In fact they learn math facts on technology and spelling too. Did you have any idea that Best Buy can be your education technology partner?With the right devices, students can:
Read, research and take notes
Learn at their own pace
Prepare and edit assignments more efficiently
Communicate and collaborate on projects with ease
Master technology skills that prepare them for future educational endeavors and careers

Schoolkids Working on Laptops

Schoolkids Working on Laptops

Best Buy offers a wide variety of tablets, laptops and chrome devices for classroom use, and partners with schools around the country to provide technology needed to succeed.

They also offer on-site Geek Squad® training and support for students and faculty. Plus they provide you with a dedicated Account Manager to consult and offer unbiased advice. They can help faculty or PTO boards determine what solution is appropriate for your needs.

If you are attending ISTE Conference and Expo on June 28 – July 1, Best Buy Education will be in booth #2262. Make sure you come by and check out the daily demonstrations being held throughout the conference.


Teenagers using digital tablets classroom

Teenagers using digital tablets classroom

What a great program! Learn more at Best Buy Education Program Twitter: @BestBuyEdu
@BestBuy #BestBuyEducationEntry

Disclosure: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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